Restoration workshop

In each of our lives there are goods and things that we do not want to lose with which we are connected in pleasant memories, which gave us the happy moments and makes life beautiful. However, the time does not know mercy, and there comes a day when the house is not as cozy as it was after renovation. Furniture faded out of fashion, or succumbed to old age.

There comes a day when the beloved car interior becomes annoying with cracks on the leather seats, a worn plastic or wood paneling. When the motorcycle seats has a hole from the constant exposure to rain and sun .

“MarinArt” is offering you do not get frustrated and ask us! Our company can provide you with the best services for the restoration and the renovation of the interior and furniture, cars and motorcycles of any year of release.

Employees with many years of experience in that services and high-tech equipment will allow us to breathe new life into your favorite things. This will give them a chance to more than one year to delight you and your family with its beauty and practicality.

Are You looking for specialists for the restoration of antique furniture or old techniques? Restoration workshop company «MarinArt» provides professional services many years. Qualified specialists with a unique experience in restoration technologies will give a new «breathe» for your stuff.

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