Deck flooring

Палубные покрытия

No matter how hard are you going to try to protect your yacht or boat from the impact of the marine environment, earlier or later that influence is evident. Deck floor to wear are not as fast as seats, tents and covers, however, when it comes time to replace it, you need to consider several factors:

  • Deck floor should not be slipper, people security depend on this;
  • The coating should be of high quality and reliably protect the deck against corrosion;
  • Aesthetic appeal – while boating people spend a lot of time on the deck, so it should be not only practical and safe, but also beautiful.

“MarinArt” is offering you 3 the best options for your deck floor:

  • Teak coating: solid wood, which is not afraid of long-term exposure to moisture. It has a high content of mucilage and essential oils that make it resistant to stress, rain and rotting.
  • ISITEEKS: synthetic nonslip coating. Perfect replacement of the tick. It has a natural wood color. The material is resistant to UV radiation, does not fade, different long-term maintenance and easy to care for.
  • Marine carpet: soft monophonic material. It has high strength and sound insulation, resistance to UV radiation, the formation of fungus, do not hold moisture and does not rot. Easy to fit and easy to care.

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